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Sustainable Livelihood Programs (SLP)

Every individual has the right to get a sustainable livelihood. Splendor Foundation believes in providing required sustainable livelihood support to the community by promoting small businesses, supporting capacity building, fostering community links and financial institutions, promoting micro finance and self help groups.

SLP is a way of improving the comprehension of the livelihood of poor women. We plan new development activities and contribute to the existing activities by placing underprivileged people at the centre of a web of interrelated influences that affect how these people create a livelihood for themselves and their households.

The resources and livelihood assets that they have access to such as natural resources, technology, skills, knowledge and capacity, health, access to education, sources of credit or their networks of social support affect the people who are most vulnerable.

We do social mapping of the problem faced by these people. SLP is built on the concept of sustainability and supports the marginalized by addressing the issues and taking advantage of opportunities. SLP is a means of stimulating thoughts and analysis and adapts to the existing situation.

Sustainable Livelihood Programme has five guiding principles

Women Centered

SLP begins by analyzing the livelihood of women and how they change over time.


SLP acknowledges that women adopt several strategies to secure their livelihood, and that many components are involved in securing the livelihood such as skills, financial resources, market linkages and technical support.

Promote micro-macro links

SLP examines the influence of policies and institutions on the livelihood of the marginalized and prioritizes their needs by drawing partnerships both in public and private sector.

Built on Strengths

SLP is built on the perceived strengths and opportunities of women rather than focusing on their problems and issues. With the help of Information and Communication Technology as a tool for empowerment, SLP support and promotes the livelihood strategies.

Promotes Indian Craft

Every Indian State has its own unique set of traditional crafts that are now slowly eroding due to the absence of right infrastructure to promote them. The tradition of creating beautiful pieces of ethnic craft is ingrained in the Indian ethics. Many Indian crafts are the sole domain of the women in the rural households.

Most Indian crafts continue to cater the world as it used to do 100 years ago. While this is interesting, some of our crafts desperately need modern design inputs and infrastructure to improve quality, utility and aesthetics.

By offering design, skill and financial inputs, SLP promotes simple yet modern designs and help rural artisans in finding new buyers and better profit margins.